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Manage your websites from your Desktop/Tablet/Mobile using Dropbox

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80% faster

All your html/javascript and stylesheet resources are minified and compressed to the highest levels, decreasing the page size by upto 80%.

Total control

Websrvr gives you total control over your website. You don't need any fancy web editors to manage your website. Just edit it locally and bam it's online.


You can create websites just by copying them to a new dropbox folder. Edit your HTML locally and your website will be updated instantly.

Awesome new service by @minhajuddin, maker of Create websites from Dropbox using #cool

— Constantin Gonzalez (@zalez) October 15, 2014

Create, host and manage simple static websites easily from your own Dropbox accoun.. via:

— Robin Good (@RobinGood) September 27, 2014

I freaking love websrvr! Its just so easy to deploy static websites - just copy the files over to a folder.

— Sarvagya Vaish December 07, 2014

This new product @websrvr rocks! Love the simplicity!

— pandurang (@pandurang) September 24, 2014