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It was made by me (Khaja Minhajuddin)

Khaja Minhajuddin

I am a very passionate programmer. I am the CEO of Cosmicvent Software. I have been in the software industry for years. You can shoot me an email at minhajuddin.k@gmail.com or send a tweet to @minhajuddin.

I worked at TCS for a couple of years, before I setup my own shop. In TCS I had the opportunity to work with a few Data warehousing applications using Datastage (which is a very powerful ETL tool) It was a fun and challenging experience. Our customer was Verizon, and I had good times working with them. During my stay at TCS, and after leaving them, I conducted a few 2-5 day training sessions on Datastage successfully. I love teaching other people about technology.

After setting up Cosmicvent Software I took up a few training assignments on Datastage and the new and shiny ASP.NET MVC (at the time) . I have been building applications in ASP.NET MVC since it was in the first preview versions. I have built a bunch of moderately complex applications using ASP.NET MVC, fluent nhibernate/linq to sql/EF, and different view engines like webforms, spark and razor.

Of late I have been building a lot of applications in ruby on rails (which I think was the inspiration for ASP.NET MVC). The primary reason for moving from ASP.NET MVC to Rails was the availability of projects. There weren't a lot of ASP.NET MVC projects for a small company like ours. However, after the move I have come to love rails. I find it a very productive framework. I now develop on an ubuntu machine using vim, the terminal and few other tools. It has been fun. I have also started looking at Go the programming language, I think it provides a lot of nice constructs to develop concurrent applications easily. Goroutines are pure awesome :)

I try to blog about things I find new and interesting. And I am sure I’ll never run out of new things, that’s what’s exciting about the software industry :) I have been trying out new things since the day I joined the software industry. I have worked with technologies and processes as diverse as Data Warehousing and Live Vehicle tracking.